FarmVille Layout Idea Search

FarmVille is one of the most played games on Facebook. With the flexibility it provides to the player on creating their own dream farm, we players are often confused with the almost endless possibilities. There are so many ways to arrange and design your farm just like a real farm. There are however a few key important things to pay attention to when designing your dream farm. Why should we even pay attention to these things? Simply to avoid turning your dream farm into a nightmare!

Look for ideas

The best way to start your planning is by looking for ideas. How can you do this? It is quite simple actually. Just by visiting your intermediate or advanced level neighbors you can gather many nice ideas for your own farm. If you cannot visit their farm, then you can easily get some of the snapshots or even videos of farms on YouTube.

Decide which type of farm you want to create

If you want to maximize your earnings then you can devote most of the space you have for plants and animals. This way your farm will not be very pretty but it will make sure that your money gain is maximized. This is the best layout for beginner & intermediate players since they need money. Just make sure that you place everything according to the type to make it easier for you to oversee everything. Also make sure that you will have access to each plant for harvesting.

If you are rich and you want your farm to look cool & dandy. You can first look around the neighborhood to gather some ideas. If you still got confused, you can visit FarmVille forum, there are some threads where people show off their farm. After you have a rough picture of your future farm in your head you can start designing. Designing your farm can be done on block paper or even on photoshop or whatever you like best.